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Welcome To QualifyMax

We have created the ULTIMATE ORE and MJDF Courses to help you pass your next exam.

QualifyMax is A premium Platform that we have been working on for several months now. with one big GOAL in front of us :

“To Create revolutionary ORE and MJDF/MFDS/MFD online courses, that not only focus on providing a 100% online experience; But going way beyond that by providing 1 on 1 Mentorship, day to day guidance, and an all in one resource for all the materials and experience you need to successfully pass these exams.”

And now, we proudly announce that we have come out with an e-learning platform that exceeded our own expectations. You will love it.

We will start Talking About the New Platform and Course in a Series of “posts under the title 21 Reasons we are better

But Before That, We would like to deliver a special and heartfelt thank you to all the members of our group by the time of publishing this post.

You are our PIONEERs and the real community that joined us from the start and from day one. Most of you already know us from our history in the ORE and MJDF Courses field. And we do value your trust and work hard to fulfill your expectations.

Stay with us, share our posts and invite your colleges to this group, because QualifyMax’s Launch will never be an ordinary event just like our products. And we are holding on a very introductory deal for all of our active Pioneers either they joined our courses or not.

Stay Tuned and be active,

Our Team

Managing Director of QualifyMax

Dr. Amr Noseir

ORE manager

Dr. Ahmed Al Kaaky

Quality assurance director

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Adawy

Career Path Advisor
Technology Manager

Dr. Obai Shawqi

Development and Marketing