We Make Dental Courses

True E-Learning Experience

QualifyMAx presents The first ever True E-Learning Experience For Dentists Taking ORE and MJDF exams.

Social Learning Model

Implementing The four steps of Social learning theory : attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation.

Video Content

Full HD video content using Latest technologies for an enhanced learning experience.

Bitesize Topics

Educational content should not be long and should be easy to digest in short sessions.

Referenced Materials

Every lesson or question in our courses is supplied by the reference to the original source of information..

Live Lectures

Mentors go live with the candidates on regular bases to recap on previous lectures and follow up on the group progression.

Notes Feature

You can add notes to your self, then attend them organized on your dashboard to study them or request your mentor assistance.

Study Groups

Each group is linked to a specific course and assigned to a group supervisor who follows up on group progression and performance.

Study Plan

Each course has its own study plan that assigns dates for each topic in your curriculum until the date of the exam

Lesson Level Discussions

After every lesson, a simple comments feature allows you to start a discussion with other candidates or with your mentors.


Test your knowledge by taking a huge number of available the quizzes found before, after or within each lesson.

Mock Exams

Get challenged with same number questions and the same criteria found on the real exam to get your self prepared.

Revision Waves

Every study plan we run must have enough room to allow for at least 2 or three waves of revisions.


Gamification was implemented to motivate candidates into competing and putting more efforts, while keeping the learning process fun and enjoyable.

Leaderboards and Rewards

According to the number of points given to candidates and according to quizzes results, a leader board system automatically records achievements and assign badges for the best performers.

Member dashboard

Organize your thoughts, follow on your progression and get an overview what is happening on the community.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Track your performance for each subject and get customized recommendations on how to improve your weak points effectivly.

True Mentorship

The system checks hundreds of performance indicators to alert you when you are falling behind the rest of your patch.

Support Desk

our documentations or open a support ticket; We are here to help.

Loyalty Program(ORE)

Get special discounts for future courses and grant access to the members only content.

Meet and greet(ORE)

We are meeting ORE candidates before the exam in UK to wish luck and provide support.

Free Ielts Course included(ORE)

We have secured a great deal to give away to our customers. A completely free 3 months online IELTS course provided by our partners.

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