Qualifymax ORE Part 2 Preparation Courses

ORE Part 2 Preparation Courses

Our ORE Part 2 preparation courses are designed to help international dental graduates (IDGs) pass the Overseas Registration Examination by enhancing their skills and confidence. The courses cover:

1. Dental Manikin
– We use the same manikin, teeth, instruments, and materials as the exams to create a simulated environment. This preparation familiarizes delegates with the exam setting, helping them to pass smoothly and confidently.

2. Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE)

– Our comprehensive OSCE training covers understanding clinical scenarios, whether they involve actors, hands-on tasks, or written stations. We prepare you to perform at your best in all aspects of the OSCE.

3. Dental Treatment Planning (DTP)
– We use British actors to simulate various accents and clinical scenarios, setting up stations just like the actual exam. This training ensures you are well-prepared for all treatment planning challenges.

4. Medical Emergencies
– We cover all possible medical emergencies that can occur in a dental practice, including their physiology, aetiology, pathology, and treatments. This comprehensive training ensures you are prepared to handle any situation.