ORE Part 1

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Part 1 is designed to test candidates’ application of knowledge to clinical practice.
It consists of two computer-based exam papers:
⦁ Paper A covers clinically applied dental science and clinically applied human disease.
⦁ Paper B covers aspects of clinical dentistry, including law and ethics and health and safety.
All questions are mapped to learning outcomes in our Preparing for Practice document.
Each paper lasts three hours and is made up of multiple short answer questions (extended matching questions and single best answer questions).
A candidate is expected to be able to show competence, knowledge and familiarity in the different aspects of dentistry which are outlined in the learning outcomes in our Preparing for Practice document.
There are a maximum of 200 places available at each examination period.
You must pass both papers in order to progress to Part 2.

Location and Cost

The Part 1 exam is held at King’s College London and costs £806. Please note, the exam fee is not normally refundable.