This is where I write blog post #2


  1. ORE/LDS is good for BDS graduates with little or no experience as the exercises are very specific and require you to follow their guidelines exactly Post-Graduates may find this exam restricted and suffocating due to the exact requirements such as exact crown prep dimensions

  2. LDS exam is ideal for post-graduate students as the exam exercises are more open to interpretation and require experience to achieve a pass. A lack of experience restricts the candidates ability to express themselves. A BDS graduate with little or no experience will suffer to understand what is expected as they will not be able to prepare for all the different scenarios that appear

I heard some people have actually said that LDS is much more easier than the ORE but the inconvenience comes when you have to register for the exam as LDS has a longer waiting time because the exam is conducted once a year

I’m an undergrad student so i haven’t taken either yet but i would from what’ve gathered is that both vary in individual difficulty so there’s no definite answer to what’s easier but i would advise that you could afford both then go for both